Janina Francis Fink was born on August 28, 1995 in Lucerne, and grew up there as well. She is currently studying instrumental pedagogy under the direction of professor Igor Karsko at the Lucerne Music College and in June 2017 she completed her Bachelor Of Arts in Music. At age 3 she began to take music lessons under the guidance of the Ruettimann Family in Meggen, where she learned how to play the violin with the Suzuki system. At age 12 she had her first competition experience and started to gain a multiplexed repertoire with ensemble and orchestra pieces. She took part in Folk Strings Meggen, La Camerata, Musical Fever, ZJSO, Campus Orchestra Lucerne, Zentralschweizer Jugendsinfonieorchester, as well as other orchestras.  In 2013 Janina Fink successfully completed her Matura at the Cantonal School Alpenquai with a concentration in music, receiving the best grade for her musical Matura project. In 2014 she earned the 2nd prize at the Swiss Youth Music Competition. She was recently accepted into the Swiss Youth Symphony Orchestra. She has participated in masterclasses and workshops under Ivan Straus, Leos Cepicky, David Fruehwirth, Yair Kless, Detlef Hahn, Peter Brunt, Hansheinz Schneeberger, Aylen Pritchin and Valeriy Sokolov. In fall 2017 she started the Masters of Arts in instrumental pedagogy.